Fitness Update Week #1

Hi guys! I just wanted to post up an update for how the 30 Day Shred is going for me. It’s been a little over a week now, I tried to make a video but things just weren’t cooperating with me so I’m just doing a regular post. So far I haven’t really lost any weight or inches, but I have noticed a massive improvement in my flexibility. I’m able to get my legs farther apart when I’m sitting and doing cool down stretches, and I can finally touch my toes! Just barely but that is something, lol. When I first started I could get a little over halfway between my knees and my toes. I also wanted to share some tips of how I’m changing things up and making my workouts go by easier.

One: Set an alarm for yourself so you remember to work out around the same time each day.

My alarm is set for 6pm each day and I left a motivating message for me to get inspired to workout. I also set a second alarm for about an hour and a half later just in case I’m lazy and try to get out of it.

Two: Don’t be afraid to get interactive.

You know how the instructors in your videos are always talking to you and encouraging you? Talk back! I’ve found that when I repeat the incentives they tell me I don’t focus on how tired or sore or bored I am while I’m working out. Jillian Michaels will say: “You got this! This is eaaasssyy for you!” and I say: “This is easy for me! I got this!” I know it feels silly, but it works.

Three: Add your own music.

This works well especially if your repeating the same workout and don’t really need to hear everything that’s said. Turn on your favorite pump up music and get moving. Want to work out to old school yodeling or crazy dubstep? I won’t judge, I do my exercises to 80’s hair bands and modern rock.

Four: Stretch, Stretch, Stretch. (after your workout)

The first couple of days I don’t think I stretched nearly enough, and I paid for it. Now I make sure to spend at least 5-10 minutes after my workout just doing stretches and limbering up. Don’t push yourself too far, and don’t bounce in order to make a stretch. Go until it just starts to feel a bit uncomfortable and hold it there for at least ten seconds. I’ve found that to be the most effective way for me to stretch. Just remember your limits with anything you do while working out.

Let me know what you think!

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