Christmas Decoration Haul!

Hey all!

Today I just wanted to share with you all the goodies that I picked up and give a little sneak peek at some of the Christmas decoration ideas I have planned to show. Over the next week or two I’ll be posting up all about the decorations I’m doing for Christmas time. I got super excited while I was out because I found so many awesome things to use. Tomorrow I’ll share with you guys how I made my wreath that’s hanging over my fireplace.

Here’s some things that I already had in my holiday trunk as well as all the stuff I picked up today and where I got it all:


Here’s all the stuff I got out shopping today:

From Michael’s: Wreath: $4.99, Ribbon: $3.50 (after coupon)

From Dollarama: 2 Poinsettia Garlands: $2.00/ea, Berry Garland: $1.00, Lights: $2.00, 2 Gold and Silver Ornaments: $1.00/ea,

Noel Ornament: $1.25, 2 Gold and Silver Decorative Balls: $1.00/ea, Red Table Runner: $2.00, Decorative Plate: $2.00, My cat Tucker freaking out over the glitter: Priceless.

Things I had already:

I had quite a few things left over from last year that I absolutely love.

20131117_205916 Justin’s mom got us these for Christmas last year, I have them on top of our tiny tree.

20131117_205908 These are the other decorations I have on our little tree, along with the red beads and ribbon you can see in the background. There’s other silver ones but they’re shiny and you can see the camera, lol.

20131117_205612 My snowman night light. Justin’s mom got this for me for Christmas last year as well.

20131117_205526 I picked this up at the Dollarama last year, but I can’t find the same ones this year. I love this one more than what’s currently out.

20131117_205718 Justin already had this when we moved in together, but I absolutely love it. Mainly because Santa is holding a bunny, lol.

20131117_205805 The quirky snowman potholder that was a gift from Justin’s mom. She loves snowmen like I love bunnies, lol. I’m too nervous to put any hot pans on it so it’s a decoration in the living room.

20131117_205500 20131117_205451 Little bells and a pine cone decoration I picked up at Dollarama. They decorate the garland around the fireplace.

20131117_210051 And the decoration that’s over our entryway. You’ll have to excuse the giant piece of packing tape, I ran out of less obvious scotch tape but I still wanted to put it up, lol. I just used two little sprigs I picked up from the Dollarama and added gold bells and ribbon from Michael’s.

And that’s all I have for now! I’ll have my wreath tutorial up tomorrow and Wednesday I’ll see you guys again for an update on how my workouts are going.

Till next post!


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