How I covered up my old phone jack

Hello again! This post will be fairly short and sweet but it has an important job to do. You see, there’s this awful thing in my kitchen and I just couldn’t figure out how to cover it up. It’s old, it’s no use to us, it’s gross and wiping it off with a rag does nothing to clean it. It’s set in the middle of the wall so it’s too low for a picture to cover it up without looking odd, and its sticking out of the wall by probably a half of an inch. What is this awful thing you ask?






It’s this old, gross phone jack just chilling out on my kitchen wall. Look at that! The screws won’t even go all the way in!

I wandered around the internet looking for ways to cover up an old phone jack. Since we rent I can’t exactly just take it out, so I had to find a clever way to disguise it. I found a post about making a cork board from an old picture frame and knew that’s what I was going to do. Except not the picture frame part. I wanted to make a custom cork board to cover up this bad boy.

I headed on over to (you know what’s coming) my trusty old Dollarama and lo and behold, I found some cork board.


This package came with two tiles that were probably about a quarter of an inch thick, but that was perfect for me. I took one of the tiles and cut it into strips and then glued the strips around the back of the other piece of cork. This made sort of a frame around the back that let the board sit on the wall without butting into the jack.


Well, that was easy… Just kidding, that’s not all I did. This is a quick project but not that quick.

I still wanted to decorate the front. I glued on a pad of paper for making grocery lists. A word of advice: gluing on cork can be tricky because it’s so porous. I used some Gorilla glue because (in my opinion) it’s some of the best glue you can find. It will stick anything to anything and I’ve used it for tons of projects in the past.

I decided that instead of thumb tacks poking holes all over it I’d use some twine and make a little clothes line across the top. It’d be super cute to use mini clothes pins but I decided to use paper clips instead. One because it’s what I had on hand, and two I’m too lazy to go back out searching for mini clothes pins. I also put a pen on the side as well for easy access.

I took the twine and wrapped it around the edges, then used my staple gun to staple them in place. I originally had used mounting tape to stick it to the wall but that didn’t hold up, so I stapled a piece of twine around the back and hung it up on a picture hanger. You could make yours even cuter by adding some decorative paper or fabric to it, or some cute accents, but we have a ridiculous amount of stuff I know will get put on this and just cover it up, so the plain old cork worked well for me.

Wanna see what I ended up with? Ok! Here it is:

Image Image

It looks a little plain here, but after I took this picture I put all the rest of our stuff up there and its all full. I may add some decoration to it later, but I’m ok with it for now. I’d say this looks and functions much better than that gross old phone jack and now I have even more room to post up random notes and recipes!


My kitchen wall is that much cuter! Until next time guys!


Let me know what you think!

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