Bring Potpourri Beads Back to Life!


While I was at the Dollarama a while back (one of the best stores ever!) I found these air freshener beads and thought they would look really pretty in a glass jar in the bathroom. I had some back in college that lasted about a week or so before they dried out and I tossed them out.

I was watching YouTube videos about how polymers work which led me to learning about Orbies (a big polymer ball they made into a kids toy basically) because I’m a straight up nerd like that, and thought to myself hmmm… I bet that those scented beads are just polymers that have soaked up scented water. And that’s correct! Then I though hmmm… I bet I could just soak them in water or liquid potpourri whenever they start to shrink, so that’s what I’ve been doing for a couple months now.

These beads aren’t completely dried out yet but they’re about half size and starting to look cloudy. Image

Here’s how tiny they are when they’re completely dried out compared to afterwards when they’re all filled with water.


Just fill the container up with water until it covers up the beads and give it a swirl to get rid of any bubbles. Then just let it sit for around an hour to get back to full size.


Walla! I have some in the living room as well and instead of just covering them with water I covered them with fresh linen liquid potpourri (That also came from the dollar store!) and it works the exact same way. I really can’t even smell the original vanilla scent anymore. I’ve found that after a couple times of doing it with water the scent starts to fade, but I’m guessing if you let them shrink down all the way, rinse them off and enlarge them again with water, then the next time you need to hydrate them the majority of the original smell will be gone and you can replace it with whatever you want. They don’t cost too terribly much to begin with and if you keep re-hydrating them you’ll have a really pretty air freshener for as long as you want it.

Let me know what you think!

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